Definitions for "Mallet"
A small maul with a short handle, -- used esp. for driving a tool, as a chisel or the like; also, a light beetle with a long handle, -- used in playing croquet.
The device players use to strike a puck. Sometimes referred to as strikers. The most common arcade mallets are the traditional white high-tops. There are also low-top mallets in a variety of materials which give more control or more speed.
Wooden hammer for driving stakes.
a specialized tree growth form found only in Western Australia, having slender erect stems and steeply angled branches but lacking the regenerative structures found in many other eucalypts, viz. lignotubers and epicormic buds
MALLET is an integrated collection of Java code useful for statistical natural language processing, document classification, clustering, information extraction, and other machine learning applications to text. It was developed primarily by Andrew McCallum, of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, with assistance from graduate students and faculty from both UMASS and the University of Pennsylvania.
Mallet is a lunar crater on the near side of the Moon. It is located next to the linear valley named Vallis Rheita, in the rugged southeastern quadrant. To the northwest along the same valley formation is the Young crater.
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a staple of leatherwork
designed by the locomotive engineer and inventor Anatole Mallet (1837-1919), a Mallet type locomotive is a four cylinder compound articulated locomotive. Mallet locomotives have essentially two steam engines mounted under the same boiler. The rear engine is rigidly attached to the boiler, while the front engine is able to swing laterally around a pivot point located near the rear, high-pressure cylinders This articulation allows the locomotives to negotiate curves that would not accommodate a large rigid-frame locomotive ( click here to a photo of a Reading class N-1sb Mallet).
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Maquette Marbling
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To dream of a mallet, denotes you will meet unkind treatment from friends on account of your ill health. Disorder in the home is indicated.