Definitions for "Pliers"
Keywords:  grip, jaw, serrated, cutters, bending
A kind of small pinchers with long jaws, -- used for bending or cutting metal rods or wire, for handling small objects such as the parts of a watch, etc.
there is a wide variety of pliers, each used for a specific task adjustable pliers: has a sliding joint, permitting the span of the jaws to be adjusted to hold various sizes of nuts & bolts image electrician's pliers: used for electrical wiring, these have insulated grips & several features: wire cutter (to cutting copper), wire stripper, crimper, & shear for small bolts locking pliers: has a threaded adjustment knob or worm gear, opposite the jaws, making it possible to clamp down tightly onto objects needle-nose pliers: has jaws tapering to a point, used for handling small or delicate objects and getting into hard-to-reach areas side-cut pliers: or wire cutters, these have incisor-like jaws, used for nipping wire, small nails & bolts
Different styles of pliers perform different functions including holding and gripping small objects, bending wire or sheet metal, cutting wire or sheet metal and pulling small nails out of lumber.