Definitions for "Faceplate"
Metal disk that is attached to large stock to be turned on a lathe. The faceplate is threaded so it can be attached to the lathe. Faceplates are most often used for turning large bowls.
This is the round part of the phone that the Mouthpiece screws into. The Transmitter itself is located behind the Faceplate.
Faceplates come in 4 and 8 inch diameters. These are mounted to the headstock spindle of a wood lathe and can be screwed to a block for turning. They are often used to create bowls and other circular objects.
A wall receptacle that provides a single network connection for a workstation.
A wall receptacle that provides the single network connection point for office communication point for office communication equipment.
The decorative plate installed over a switch or receptacle. The plate also covers the wall opening and thus protects the wiring.
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The decorative cover which houses control devices such as position indicators, pushbuttons, key switches, etc.
a phone cover for your cellular phone.
a cover that fits over a jack, outlet, or dial
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The window that the input or output radiation passes through on a camera tube, monitor picture tube, and solid-state array. Sometimes used to support a target or phosphor.
In a CCD camera system, the front surface of the camera head, which often incorporates a window. The faceplate is sometimes used to support a target or phosphor (or to mount the camera head).
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a protective covering for the front of a machine or device (as a door lock or computer component)
A front plate through which the bolt projects.
The plated or solid metal trim piece, usually about 1 x 2-1/4 inches, housed flush into the edge of a door, through which projects the latch of a passage lock or deadbolt.
the wall covering that keeps the classroom termination wiring attached to the opening into which personal computers can be plugged for network connection.
The front panel of a plug-in module (card).
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The side of an ear mold which faces outwards.