Definitions for "Washer"
Keywords:  nut, bolt, fastener, perforated, flat
A ring of metal, leather, or other material, or a perforated plate, used for various purposes, as around a bolt or screw to form a seat for the head or nut, or around a wagon axle to prevent endwise motion of the hub of the wheel and relieve friction, or in a joint to form a packing, etc.
A round, metal device with a hole in the middle to help secure a nut or a bolt.
A circular part of some snap fastener combinations that is used to secure other fastener components to an application. The different washer types accept the eyelet curl or prongs of their mating fastener thus completing an attachment.
Keywords:  washcloth
A shell with internal baffler or packing, so arranged that gas to be cleaned passes up through the baffles counter-current to the flow of scrubbing liquid down through the washer. The baffler or packing causes intimate contact and mixing of the gas with the liquid stream.
Keywords:  raccoon, common
The common raccoon.
Keywords:  cistern, tub, outlet, sink, plug
A fitting, usually having a plug, applied to a cistern, tub, sink, or the like, and forming the outlet opening.
Nylon- A nylon garment treated with a special finish to produce a crinkled effect.
A machine for removing impurities, excess dyes or chemicals from textiles by treatment in an aqueous medium. (See also open width washer.)
a home appliance for washing clothes and linens automatically
Keywords:  coal, area
Area for washing the coal.
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a good idea, because when they break off they are in for good
Keywords:  things, someone, living
someone who washes things for a living
Keywords:  one
One who, or that which, washes.
Same as Washerwoman, 2.