Definitions for "Shackle"
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Something which confines the legs or arms so as to prevent their free motion; specifically, a ring or band inclosing the ankle or wrist, and fastened to a similar shackle on the other leg or arm, or to something else, by a chain or a strap; a gyve; a fetter.
A link or loop, as in a chain, fitted with a movable bolt, so that the parts can be separated, or the loop removed; a clevis.
To tie or confine the limbs of, so as to prevent free motion; to bind with shackles; to fetter; to chain.
The hinged and curved bar of a padlock, by which it is hung to the staple.
n. 1. the part of a padlock, which passes through an opening in an object or fits around an object and is ultimately locked into the case 2. the portion of a restraint which fits around the wrist, ankle, neck, waist or thumb
a metal clip mechanism than can be used to connect something and also to release it when activated. Some kiters use a schackle on their spreader bar to connect their chicken loop.
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a coupling device usually found on leaf springs, used to attach the frame and the suspension component
the rearmost mount of a leaf spring. A shackle pivots to allow a greater growing rate of the spring. The stock shackle is commonly replaced with a longer aftermarket shackle for better performance. Here is a picture of a stock shackle, and here is a picture of a flipped hanger with Camburg shackle.
an 'H' looking bracket attached to the front or rear of leaf springs
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Figuratively: To bind or confine so as to prevent or embarrass action; to impede; to cumber.
a restraint that confines or restricts freedom (especially something used to tie down or restrain a prisoner)
A link for connecting railroad cars; -- called also drawlink, draglink, etc.
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Parts Sheepshank Knots
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A fetterlike band worn as an ornament.
One weave; a single crossing of flight paths; maneuver to adjust/regain formation parameters.
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Hence, that which checks or prevents free action.
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bind the arms of