Definitions for "Pintle"
Keywords:  pivot, gudgeon, rudder, hinge, bolt
An upright pivot pin
The pivot pin of a hinge.
A hook or pin on which a rudder hangs and turns.
Keywords:  hitch, trailer, lunette, limber, knob
The knob (basically a trailer hitch) at the rear of the limber, by which the carriage or other piece to be towed is attached.
A type of hitch that uses a round ring called a lunette on the trailer end. Sometimes referred to as a "GI" or military type hitch. Pintles have closing jaws, locking the lunette in . These are also available in pintle/ball combinations.
See Hitch.
Keywords:  kingbolt, wagon
A kingbolt of a wagon.
Keywords:  samson, flanged, onion, mill, timber
onion-headed timber bearing at the top of the main post in a post mill. Often replaced by a flanged cast iron bearing known as a Samson's Head.
Keywords:  little
A little pin.