Definitions for "HINGES"
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Small pieces of gummed paper that are used to affix stamps to an album page. Hinges allow for stamps to be removed from an album page without damaging the stamp.
Small pieces of paper gummed on one side, for mounting stamps into the album.
Small strips of gummed material used by collectors to affix stamps to album pages.
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To make the independent sections act as a complete door, the sections must be hinged together. Hinges are found on the end stiles and center stiles at the meeting rails. All hinges perform two basic functions: 1. They join the sections together with bolts or screws. 2. They allow the sections to break, independent of each other, as the door travels. Hinges on the end stiles perform two additional tasks: 1. They are designed to support a roller on which the door travels. 2. They are offset to provide a flush fit to the door itself when in the closed position.
these hold the Sections of the door together and allow the door to bend as it goes up the tracks.
Hinges, cabinet hinges, door hinges, hinge manufacturers, gate, spring, plastic and hardware hinge companies.
Materials used to mount artwork in conservation framing. Strips of Japanese or mulberry paper are torn; starch glue is applied to the strips. The paper art is attached to the acid-free mount only by these hinges. In recent years, a number of hinging products have been introduced, including strips of paste-impregnated mulberry paper that are water-activated.
That material, generally Japanese paper or linen, which is attached to a work of art and is in turn attached to the backing board to maintain the work of art in position. The hinging method of mounting artwork for the purpose of framing or displaying should be done to conservation standards so as not to devalue or permanently alter the art itself.
A listing of hinges supplied by Woodstone on operable units. This listing may refer to an attached hardware schedule with multiple listings for more than one section.
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Where the sides of the binding meet the spine (interior) of a book.
The flexible joint where the covers of a hardbound book meet the spine, permitting the covers to open without breaking the spine of the book or breaking the signatures apart.
Where the sides of the binding meet the spine. Can be referred to as inner hinges and outer hinges or joints.
The devices that is used to connect moving flight surfaces to their non-moving counterparts (e.g. the connection between an elevator and a stabilizer). Report this Word Added by: larrypaul
A joint usually made of two flat, rectangular parts, that interlock.
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Those points that cut off the bottom and top quarter of a distribution.
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The part of the cover that allows the book to open and close