Definitions for "Swing"
A way of rhythmic subdivision close to that of quaver triplets which originated, and is mostly only found in jazz. Also a style of music.
A style of jazz in the 1930s that succeeded New Orleans jazz, influence by the big band movement, solo breaks, and popular song.
(1) (noun) the difference between the scores of two teams;(2) (noun) the difference between a score actually made and one that might have been made;(3) (verb) take chances in an attempt to create unusual or especially good results in an effort to make up lost ground.(slang) (verb) play a round of (a suit).(slang) (noun) a round (of a suit). [Usage: Declarer pulled trumps in one swing.
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To sway or move from one side or direction to another; as, the door swung open.
To admit or turn (anything) for the purpose of shaping it; -- said of a lathe; as, the lathe can swing a pulley of 12 inches diameter.
Swaying motion from one side or direction to the other; as, some men walk with a swing.
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A set of Java classes for building GUIs.
The Java Swing package of classes is used to create GUI components for applets and applications.
A set of Java graphical interface components.
To move to and fro, as a body suspended in the air; to wave; to vibrate; to oscillate.
To be hanged.
The act of swinging; a waving, oscillating, or vibratory motion of a hanging or pivoted object; oscillation; as, the swing of a pendulum.
To give a circular movement to; to whirl; to brandish; as, to swing a sword; to swing a club; hence, colloquially, to manage; as, to swing a business.
A feeling in the boat, when the rowers are driving and finishing their strokes strongly, while getting good layback. The boat feels like it is accelerating and flowing well on the recovery.
The act of hitting the golf ball.
To cause to swing or vibrate; to cause to move backward and forward, or from one side to the other.
phase: prosthesis moving from full flexion to full extension
A couple moving clockwise around each other with the man's right hand behind the woman's back, and the woman' s left hand on or behind the man's right shoulder. The man's other hand can loosely hold the woman's free hand, however there are many interesting variations tto the basic swing. Eye contact is a plus.
The transfer of votes from one party to another. The actual transfer is complicated, so usually taken to mean between the top two parties in any seat or area.
The difference between the performance of a candidate or party at one election in comparison to a previous election.
An analysis of previous election results (in percentage terms) used to identify the shift in political support that would be required in electoral districts for seats to be won or lost at an election.
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Swing is a Canadian néo-trad band of Franco-Ontarian origins. The two main members of Swing are Michel Bénac and Jean-Philippe Goulet.
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"Swing" is the first solo single from Savage's debut album, Moonshine released in 2005
live in a lively, modern, and relaxed style; "The Woodstock generation attempted to swing freely"
engage freely in promiscuous sex, often with the husband or wife of one's friends; "There were many swinging couples in the 1960's"
a great soother and entertainer for babies--if you have space for it among the bewildering array of other baby gear that clutters the homes of newborns
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SR Telecom's product family that combines a TDMA PMP system combined with a DECT WL system.
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A lateral pass across the pitch - usually does not result in any upfield movement. This is useful to gain a better position or to reset the stall count.
a movement begun by torso rotation
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Swing is a computer puzzle game, released for the Sony Play Station, developed in Germany by the now defunct Software 2000.
an informal unit of time describing the length in days of one work cycle. For example, a worker who works 7 days in a row and then gets 3 days off is said to have a swing of 10 days. This usage doesn't seem to be related to the "swing shift," which is a shift that begins in the afternoon and ends at night.
The act of being in the lifestyle or the set of preferences you have set in the lifestyle. Such as "How do you swing?"... this could be answered " Closed Swap" or "She doesn't play alone".
Free course; unrestrained liberty or license; tendency.
A term used to describe how inductance responds to changes in current. Example: A 2:1 swing corresponds to an inductor which exhibits 2 times more inductance at very low current than it does at its maximum rated current. This would also correspond to the core operating at 50% of initial permeability (also 50% saturation) at maximum current t.
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A state of balance and speed that many oarsmen strive to achieve when rowing.
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a Beautiful Thing
a great place to be, to think, to feel and to notice how the gentlest push can change things big time
A brakeman who has responsibility for breaking up the train by setting out cars or sections of cars in the center position of a freight train.
Term for the javax.swing package and its sub-packages. Swing includes code for creating user interfaces, handling user-generated events, handling and printing images, and other user interface functions.
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uneven timing between pairs of notes (usually the first note is twice the length of the second)
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a must for any bird
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To turn round by action of wind or tide when at anchor; as, a ship swings with the tide.
alternate dramatically between high and low values; "his mood swings"; "the market is swinging up and down"
a contest in which all players start with an equal amount of chips and continue to play until one player remains that accumulated all the chips
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A (huge) difference in compared scores on a board from two tables in team match.
Switching Power Supply Sympathetic Vibration
The hard-to-define feeling when near perfect synchronization of motion occurs in the shell, enhancing performance and speed.
A term describing the swinging direction of a door. May also be call "hand."
The direction of opening of a swinging door. Most residential doors are In-Swings, or swing into the house.
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To use a swing; as, a boy swings for exercise or pleasure. See Swing, n., 3.
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be a social swinger; socialize a lot
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variations in gas demand.
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a change in the rate of growth