Definitions for "Scoop "
Keywords:  shovel, digging, ladle, dredge, dipping
A large ladle; a vessel with a long handle, used for dipping liquids; a utensil for bailing boats.
A deep shovel, or any similar implement for digging out and dipping or shoveling up anything; as, a flour scoop; the scoop of a dredging machine.
The act of scooping, or taking with a scoop or ladle; a motion with a scoop, as in dipping or shoveling.
Scoop is a database-backed weblog management system. It is written in perl, and uses mySQL for the backend database. It allows story posting and submission, threaded discussions, user accounts, story moderation, and a lot of customization.
Scoop is a weblog script written in Perl with a MySQL backend. It is different then other weblogs, in that it allows the users to decide what stories get posted.
an act of reporting (news, research results) before a rival; also called a beat.
a U-shaped wedding gown neckline.
A movement in a curved line convex downward (moving forward or back). Usually applies to head and rib-cage in order to straighten the back. Movement also applies to arms.
This is a low, curved can be deep in the front, back or both.
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Winning the whole pot
Forfeit a game. Named after the motion of scooping up your cards.
This term is used in high-low games, meaning a player won the high and low, so that player scooped the entire pot.
A place hollowed out; a basinlike cavity; a hollow.
A hollowed-out half-log, used on a roof as a channel to carry away rainwater.
a hollow concave shape made by removing something
Keywords:  spoon, food, extracting, sugar, foreign
A spoon-shaped instrument, used in extracting certain substances or foreign bodies.
a spoonful or similar amount of food such as sugar
In common usage, a scoop is any specialized spoon used to serve food.
Scoop is a content management system originally developed by Rusty Foster. Scoop's focus is on collaborative publishing, and its feature set is geared toward encouraging user contributions and participation. Scoop is written in Perl and runs via mod_perl on Apache web servers with a My SQL database backend, and is distributed under the GNU General Public License.
Scoop is a 2006 UK-set romantic comedy/murder mystery written and directed by Woody Allen and starring Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson, Ian Mc Shane, and Allen himself. Focus Features released the film, which was rated PG-13 by the MPAA for "some sexual content."
Beginning a note beneath it's pitch, then sliding up to the correct pitch. Scooping was the prominent feature of "crooners" in the 1920s-50s; Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Perry Como were among the singers famous for this style. Today, scooping should be used infrequently and only to achieve a specific quality or emotion.
Undesirable singing habit of beginning a note beneath, then sliding up to the desired pitch.
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SCOOP stands for Simple Concurrent Object Oriented Programming. It is a concurrency model designed for the Eiffel programming language, conceived by Eiffel's creator & designer, Bertrand Meyer.
a specialized-shape skirt which narrows to an inch or two on one side and widens to extend all the way from the top of the stanchions to the base of the envelope proper, forming a tilted mouth. The idea of the scoop is to provide better control of the aerostat's orientation. Ideally, the front (or main part of the scoop) will always be kept in the direction of travel. It may also aid in keeping the envelope full.
A triangular-shaped cloth fitted to the envelope's opening, which concentrates wind and maintains internal air pressure.
Keywords:  assuredly, scary, trash, beaten, best
get the better of; "the goal was to best the competition"
A card which may well turn the best hand into trash. If you have Tc-8c and the flop comes Qd- Jd-9s, you almost assuredly have the best hand. However, a turn card of Td would be very scary because it would almost guarantee that you are now beaten.
an attacking move following the dump, whereby a player runs from the half position in an attempt to get past the defensive line.
a very simple fixture designed to just dump light in a particular direction
Keywords:  cream, ladle, dispensed, ice, quantity
a quantity sufficient to fill a scoop; -- used especially for ice cream, dispensed with an ice cream scoop; as, an ice cream cone with two scoops.
the quantity a scoop will hold
a large ladle; "he used a scoop to serve the ice cream"
A forward facing aerodynamic device or opening used to duct cool outside air to some part of the vehicle such as the carburetor intake, the brakes, the radiator, or an oil cooler. Strut A single, self-contained pivoting suspension unit that integrates a coil spring with a shock absorber. Struts are used on front wheel drive automobiles.
A device to catch air, may be either functional or merely ornamental.
Keywords:  lade, empty, dry, well, take
To take out or up with, a scoop; to lade out.
To empty by lading; as, to scoop a well dry.
Keywords:  swoop, sweep, stroke
A sweep; a stroke; a swoop.
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Used to transfer rocket mix from a container to the rocket tube. What size is proper? Typically is enough to fill the tube 1-i.d. of the tube. Here's a quick help: Buy a copper cap used for plumbing one size larger than the i.d. of the rocket tube. Solder to a piece of metal, and voila! One scoop.
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a journalistic term
a big funnel with an overlapping gravcrystal array ringing the narrow end
a well-written compendium of scuba diving knowledge
Keywords:  runways, hauling, diesel, tired, rubber
A rubber tired-, battery- or diesel-powered piece of equipment designed for cleaning runways and hauling supplies.
street names for gamma hydroxybutyrate
Keywords:  purposefully, dog, bird, roots, slang
A slang term for a dog that purposefully roots out a bird.
Commonly referred to in describing Northwood plates. (Not a very flat plate)
Keywords:  golf, drawn, horse, early, vehicle
Horse-drawn vehicle that was used to move earth in the early days of golf-course construction.
Scoop is the name of a a fictional character from the Transformers universes.
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a Good Thing
a like a hole on the side of the car that moves air into the car to cool down certain things
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take out or up with or as if with a scoop; "scoop the sugar out of the container"
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See carry