Definitions for "Con"
a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property
deprive of by deceit; "He swindled me out of my inheritance"; "She defrauded the customers who trusted her"; "the cashier gypped me when he gave me too little change"
Adj abbreviation for con fidence, as in con-game - a swindle, con-man - a swindler, especially one with a persuasive way of talking; verb to swindle, to trick, to persuade by dishonest means (C) 1. to trick a (trusting person), usually in order to make money; 2. to persuade, especially by deceit (L)
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convention - a gathering of fans
A comic book convention.
Short for “convention”, this always means a science fiction convention. Despite being called “science fiction” cons, they have expanded in scope and now include nearly all freak tribes and sub-groups.
Against the affirmative side; in opposition; on the negative side; -- The antithesis of pro, and usually in connection with it. See Pro.
Certificate of Need. Pro forma authorizing additional licensed beds at a LTC facility.
Certificate of Need. A state regulatory mechanism for review and approval by health planning agencies of capital expenditures and service capacity expansions by hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities.
Consider. EverQuest gaming abbreviation. Command used to assess the strength of an opponent.
An abbreviation for the Consider command in EverQuest Online Adventures: Frontiers used to assess the strength of an opponent
Consider, a command used to assess the toughness of an opponent1
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Mnemonic that represents the CP/M console device. For example, the CP/M command PIP CON:=TEST.SUB displays the file TEST.SUB on the console device. The explanation of the STAT command tells how to assign the logical device CON: to various physical devices. See console.
( abbrev.) Constitution. - see stats
diminutive of Consider; constitution, often used as one of your character stats
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A neutralized constant (for Rel, Ctor and Ind) of a Hilog term (Hterm). It is optionally surrounded by an operator (op). Attributes: @type, @uri(See: holog module and the SWSL submission to the W3C)
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Con vention.
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Coo- Cp- Da- Ded- Di Dj- Ea- En- Ex Fa- Fi- Fn- Ga
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a widely-used French insult which can be translated as "a bloody idiot, damned fool or cretin"
Comment On Reference upon which the article comments. Search as hascommenton, e.g. SARS hascommenton AND 2003[DP] Lancet. 2003 May 17;361(9370):1739-40. PMID: 12767754
To know; to understand; to acknowledge.
To study in order to know; to peruse; to learn; to commit to memory; to regard studiously.
commit to memory; learn by heart; "Have you memorized your lines for the play yet?"
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Construction NCY Non Cyclical Consumer
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Contact, an unidentified aircraft
"construction", e.g. "con air"/"air con" is a construction aircraft.
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Consider ; details about a target, how strong he is and such.
To consider a target. Con is the difficulty of the monster. Yellow normally being same strength as the player, blue and green being lower, and orange and red being higher.
An NPC or MOBs level relative to your own, color coded for easy and fast determination of your chances against it in battle. Cons go from green to red like thus: Green - probably will kill you, Blue - Very likely will kill you, White - LOADING, PLEASE WAIT, Yellow - LOADING PLEASE WAIT, Red - LOADING PLEASE WAIT
Contract Opportunity Notice. A CON is a public notice issued by a funder, usually a government agency, stating that it wishes to procure a service. The CON describes the needed service, and invites interested groups to submit statements describing their qualifications and past experience in the pertinent field.
Consumer products and services.
To conduct, or superintend the steering of (a vessel); to watch the course of (a vessel) and direct the helmsman how to steer.
A shortened form of 'consider'. A suggestion to a fellow player to pause and think before taking action.
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a person serving a sentence in a jail or prison
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e: A fruit of the Conifer Family. A cone has scale-looking structures that grow in 'levels' of circles up and down the almost cylindrical shape. The cone hold the tree's seed.
(Italian), "with." For phrases beginning with this term, see the second word.
Prefix that means with or together. Alternately, slang that means a confidence scheme.
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The MS-DOS device name for the console, which includes your computer's keyboard and text displayed on the screen.
Constitution. One of six scores that represents a characters abilities in the game.
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(cont.) Contraction for the word Convention.
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Short for convention commonly used to refer to anime conventions.
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see convention.
Consul, consulate
contra : against