Definitions for "Comedian"
Keywords:  joke, funny, amusing, entertain, comic
a professional performer who tells jokes and performs comical acts
a funny person," Steve said
a man who says things funny
a revolving light, appearing one moment, disappearing the next, and existing for the public but as a phantom or a light, as his life circles round
a very intelligent person working at the height of his intelligence,'' Dr
Comedian (1983) was Eddie Murphy's second album. It is often referred to as his best comedy album and it was also his last that contained new material.
a character who is similar to a "sidekick" in Hollywood films
Keywords:  actor, player
An actor or player in comedy.
an actor in a comedy
Keywords:  writer
A writer of comedy.
Keywords:  tricks, merchant, bag
a merchant with a bag of tricks
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a different category