Definitions for "Bugs life"
a better argument for his creed than The Incredibles
a better movie, or at least it has a better villain and more original characters
a big movie from some of the smallest of creatures
a delightfully entertaining work
a masterpiece, terrific entertainment for all ages
an entertaining film with a decent story and astounding computer-generated animation
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a similar premice
a very good episode with Crichton and Aeryn having to impersonate Peacekeepers in order to escape recapture, but the crew of Moya ends up transporting a deadly virus that can inhabit people without the host or anyone else knowing
an incredible visual experience, with the technology behind it seemingly light years ahead of its Toy Story predecessor
a positive example for budding proletarian artists, because as outlined above it crams so much experience into a short time frame using such simple symbolism
a simple story rendered so richly and inventively that it appeals on multiple levels
a masterly confusion of political ideologies that nevertheless begs political analysis
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a good kiddie toon
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SQA career
Keywords:  disapointment, total
a total disapointment
Keywords:  triumph, counts
a triumph on all counts
Keywords:  fare, family, animated, high, point
a high point in animated family fare