Definitions for "walk to remember"
Keywords:  teenage, love, jamie, story, landon
a beaultiful, moving film directed by Adam Shankman
a beautiful story of both love and loss throughout two very young lives
a beautiful tale of love, hope, and lost this book will capture your heart in make you fall in love with the characters all over again
Keywords:  teen, drama, truly, movie, hodgepodge
a good drama, has a great twist, and it's a tear jerker
a great movie
a hodgepodge of a million other movies, most of them far better and more original
a journey around Lake Superior that is being coordinated by a group of people from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ontario, and Michigan to protect the air, land and water for the Seven Generations yet to come
a book that everyone should read
a great book
a great tearjerker
a manipulative film, and one I would very much like to forget
a nice, comforting film
an exhibition that invites a group of Los Angeles based
Keywords:  overdue, fresh, breath, air, long
a breath of fresh air long overdue