Definitions for "Love Song For Bobby Long"
a heart-affecting drama about an improvised family fashioned with love, care, and creativity by writer and director Shainee Gabel
a heart-affecting drama fashioned with love, care and creativity by first-time writer and director Shainee Gabel
a lugubrious, if well-acted, drama dragged down by too much aimless wandering and clumsily predictable revelations that can be guessed a mile away
a sentimental and overtly literary tale of three unlikely housemates, two adult alcoholics and an older teenager girl whose recently deceased mother, Lorraine, was friends with the guys
Keywords:  traitor, everything, comes
a traitor to everything that comes before
Keywords:  auspicious, beginning, new, year
an auspicious beginning to the new year
a nice story about dysfunctional people made whole by each other
Keywords:  movie, pick, far, himself, fall
a movie about how far a man can fall and how long it can take to pick himself up again
Keywords:  sign, change
a sign of change