Definitions for "Midsummer Nights Dream"
a classic fairy tale of lovers and betrayers
a classic love story
a comedy about the obsessive nature of love
a very close second although the film they did with Michelle Pfeiffer and Calista Flockhart was rubbish and ruined it a little
Keywords:  pookah, puck
a pookah/ puck
Keywords:  operatic, treat
an operatic treat
Keywords:  mezzos, trouser, sung, role, great
a great example, but many mezzos have sung this role also, making it also a trouser role
a pleasure wrapped in a frustration shadowed by an enigma
Keywords:  welcome, diversion
a welcome diversion
an extremely happy and cheerful story and I recommend it to other people
Keywords:  merits, debate, production
a debate about the merits of that production
a favorite of both audiences and theater professionals
Keywords:  topic, fine, paper
a fine TOPIC for a paper
Keywords:  hundred, couple, years
a couple hundred years
Keywords:  lost, cause
a lost cause
Keywords:  case, point