Definitions for "Othello"
the hero of William Shakespeare's tragedy who would not trust his wife
The Tragœdy of Othello, The Moore of Venice is a tragedy by William Shakespeare written around 1603.
Othello is a 1965 movie based on the Shakespeare play Othello; starring Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith, Frank Finlay, and Joyce Redman. It was simply a filmed version of a performance by the actors for the National Theatre, staged by John Dexter, from 1964-66. It even used enlarged duplicates of the original stage settings, rather than having elaborate new and different sets built specifically for the film.
Othello (オセロ, osero), is a female Japanese comedy duo (kombi) who, once famous for their manzai act, are now both popular television talents and appear frequently on Japanese variety shows. The two comedians, Tomoko Nakajima (中島知子, born on 26 August, 1971), and Nahomi Matsushima (松嶋尚美, born on 2 December, 1971) are sometimes known as black and white othello, respectively, perhaps because Nakajima has a much darker skin than Matsushima.
Othello (オセロ) is a seven tankobon manga series by Satomi Ikezawa. It is distributed by Del Rey Manga in North America and was originally serialized in Bessatsu Friend.
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This classic Othello game is completely written in Ada and GtkAda for Linux.
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When a player's hole cards consist of a King and Queen unsuited.