Definitions for "Clockwork Orange"
a dark tale of violent street life, where the night is ruled by gangs of droogs
a disturbing film that demonstrates some of the central routes of deviance and the link between deviance and social elements that determine the acceptability of certain behaviors
a fan site dedicated to the film, with a good selection of links included among the other stuff you'd expect
a book that is well worth reading for literary minded persons
a book worth reading because it is relatable, makes you think, and is interesting
a great piece of literary fiction, according to Zack Mitchell (Gr
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a frightening fable about good and evil, and the meaning of human freedom
a haunting and disturbing look into the future
a story about choice, told in a humorous, yet very disturbing manner
a book and movie with many different levels
a fantastic movie
a fictitious movie that plays no relevance to
Keywords:  masterpiece
a masterpiece
an ingenious comparison of two theories of punishment- retributivism and utilitarianism
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an electronic rendition of the March from Henry Purcell 's Music on the Death of Queen Mary
a nasty young hooligan played by Malcolm McDowell
a clear representative of his fear of too-powerful national government
a general parallax to a totalitarian and oppressive government
a good example of this
a very good book,once you get past the polyglot mixture of Nadsat Russian and various made-u
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an amazing artwork
'Clockwork Orange' is the name of the secret British security services project which was alleged to have involved a right-wing smear campaign against British and Northern Irish politicians in the 1970s.
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an unwelcome one
Keywords:  enjoyable, read
an enjoyable read
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a scratch across the back of one of the actors' hands (Dim, in the lake - A
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a far time off I think that other and perhaps similar methods will be around soon
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a perfect example of how a popular
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a little like that
an indicator which holds some of the answers to these questions