Definitions for "Caliban"
Rude, uncouth. The allusion is to Shakespeare's Caliban in The Tempest, the deformed half-human son of a devil and a witch.
The half-deformed offspring of a witch and a devil in Shakespeares The Tempest.
A moon of Uranus was discovered by Brett J. Gladman, Philip D. Nicholson, Joseph A. Burns, and John J. Kavelaars using the 200-inch Hale telescope on September 6, 1997. Caliban is also designated as "Uranus XVI" and "S/1997 U1". Caliban is the monster character from William Shakespeare's play The Tempest.
Caliban: Arduin Dungeon Number One was a standalone dungeon module written in 1979 by David A. Hargrave and published by Grimoire Games. It was based upon Hargrave's widely published gaming system known as Arduin.
Caliban, a metalcore-band, was formed in Hattingen, Germany in 1997 under the name Never Again. After 6 months of playing together, the band recorded their first two songs for a compilation, which was never released. The songs were sent to several record labels, and Lifeforce Records was the first to offer the band a record deal.