Definitions for "Egghead"
an intellectual (who is bald?)
a slang term, sometimes used for a man who is bald, but it may also denote an intellectual, usually used in a derogatory way by anti-intellectuals
In the slang of the United States, egghead was an anti-intellectual epithet, directed at people considered too out-of-touch with ordinary people and too lacking in realism, common sense, virility, etc. on account of their intellectual interests. The term egghead reached its peak currency during the 1950s, when vice-presidential candidate Richard Nixon used it against Democrat Presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson. It is now rarely used, having been replaced in U.S. politics by other anti-intellectual epithets such as liberal elite, and socially by terms such as nerd and geek.
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Eggoeater Eggplant
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Egghead is a character in the animated cartoon series Looney Tunes, created by Tex Avery.