Definitions for "jedi"
A noble class of warriors from the Star Wars series of movies. May also refer to the particular movie Return of the Jedi known for the cheesy use of Ewoks, though nowhere near as bad as The Phantom Menace.
a member of the actual organization of peacekeeping Force users
a person who is on the light side of the force and has the force
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"Project JEDI" is an international community of Delphi developers with a mission to exploit our pooled efforts, experiences and resources to make Delphi and Kylix--the greatest Windows and Linux application development tools--even greater.
The Jedi Engine was a game engine developed by Lucas Arts.
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A modular, class-based PHP program which manages basic EDI transactions using FTP. It is web-based, using a Smarty template interface and relies on ADODB database abstraction so it works with any major database and can be skinned as you please.
a combination of a cleric, thief, and a fighter
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a member of an elite, but diverse, order which spans the galaxy over
a member of the group that protects and brings order to the galaxy
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a guardian of peace and justice," Arcuri says
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a follower of the spirit (inner self) rather than the passion of the flesh (outer self)