Definitions for "Élite"
Keywords:  elite, lite, superior, society, eligere
A choice or select body; the flower; as, the élite of society.
(F), the select.
group of the most powerful, rich or talented people in society
A standard typewriter typeface that is approximately 10-point in size and prints 12 characters to the inch. Pica, which is somewhat larger, and prints at 10 characters per inch, is the other common font for typewriters. Courier is the nearest equivalent in word processing See also BALL PRINTER CHARACTERS PER INCH COURIER FONT PERIOD PICA PITCH POINT
A typewriter (monospaced) typeface with a pitch of 12 char, acters per inch.
makes a needle electrolysis machine
Makers of needle electrolysis machines
a competitive cheer team from DeVeau's School of Gymnastics in Fishers, Indiana
a club geared towards the girls that want more, with an emphasis on getting girls college scholarships to play volleyball
Keywords:  aws, olympic, sports, horse, immediate
AWS horse with the immediate 4 generations in the traditional Olympic sports or Combined Driving
a fecal occult blood test designed to improve patient compliance
Keywords:  racers, top, line
top-of-the-line racers.
a quite natural extension of the original Cydonia investigation
See Army organization, Switzerland.
a classically styled shoe that features a leather upper