Definitions for "Lite"
a clean and FREE version of KaZaA
a freeware version
a great plug-in -- it will overwrite your original KaZaA software and prevent spyware and pop ups from occurring
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The industry's terminology for a pane of glass.
a glass pane in a window or door
having relatively few calories; "diet cola"; "light (or lite) beer"; "lite (or light) mayonnaise"; "a low-cal diet"
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a FastTrack Cl
a FastTrack Client
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Keywords:  afrique, arma, risque, mara, malaria
a tool that enables the efficient production of these inexpensive prototypes
a user-friendly tool designed to access products of the MARA/ARMA (Mapping Malaria Risk in Africa / Atlas du Risque de la Malaria en Afrique) project
Keywords:  app, download, music, videos, share
an app to share and download music/videos/images/documents
an app to share/download music/videos etc
a hack that eliminates all of that, along with the ubiquitous Bonzai Buddy b
Keywords:  narthex, church, inner
the inner narthex (q.v.) of a church
a registered trademark of Haggerty Enterprises, Inc
a prepaid DBA service that you can utilize at your own discretion for database services
Lidar-in-space Technology Experiment
Local Information Technology Expert
Keywords:  vba, excel, add, simple, word
a simple Add-In for VBA (Excel, Word, Access etc
a software client that provides access to the
a software program for trading songs
a one-parameter theory of learning in normal-form games
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a multiple award contract vehicle designed to provide the full
a perfect system for reducing the cost of distribution of these products
Keywords:  cool, audio, phone, air, images
a cool application for your phone which allows over-the-air access from phone to PC to share any file (Documents,audio,images)