Definitions for "Registered"
An animal registered (listed) in the herd book of a breed association.
Having formally submitted a document to, and received approval for a specific activity from, the appropriate official or authority. see also licensed. Also, payable or valid only if the bearer is the individual it was issued to.
pertaining to certain vessel data calculated under specific rules and officially documented, such as registered length.
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HEALTH UNDERWRITER (RHU) professional designation of The American College that is earned by passing 3 courses related to health insurance. Also see The American College Home Page.
Recognized by a professionals association or professional regulatory body as possessing the appropriate combination of credential, training and/or experience. Sometimes used interchangeably with “certified” or “licensed.
a label which indicates that the individual/training establishment has met the ITA requirement to practise professionally/train to CTA standard in the UK
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Enrolled and paid as a member of USA-S and the LSC.
Status in eSIS of a student whose attendance has been verified. Verification occurs through the attendance module verification process or through the Registrations screen. Attendance cannot be taken until a student is registered. (SIMS: enrolled)
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A memory module containing Register chip(s) used to relay and synchronize address and control signals issued by the motherboard's memory controller, and a Phase Locked Loop (PLL) chip used to relay the motherboard's clock signal to all the DRAM chips.
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The act of filing a support order or judgment determining paternity with CFC.
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Assigned to a specific owner (individual, institution, corporation, etc.) and so carried on the books of the corporation or its agent.
A form of ownership of certificated bonds. The name of the owner is listed on the certificate and in the records of the issuer's agent.
(1) A certificate in which the name of the owner is recorded on the books of the issuer. It can be transferred only when endorsed by the registered owner. (vs. Bearer). See: Certificate. (2) A security which has been issued in compliance with the registration requirements of the Security Act of 1933. See: Registration Statement.
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applying for the right to vote
a monopoly right for the outward appearance of an article of manufacture
legal documents are filed against the property ownership in the appropriate provincial land ownership registration office, to establish priority of legal claim and protect the creditor's rights.
Mail First class mail with a numbered receipt, including a valuation of the registered item. This guarantees customers will get their money back if an item is lost in the mail.
Pesticides that have been approved for use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
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A SECURITY is deemed registered when the REGISTRATION STATEMENT has become effective under Section 12 of the 1934 ACT. Rule 12b-6.
Most properties are registered and if the one being purchased is not, then it will be at the time of the next transaction. Once registered the property is given a unique reference called the "title number".