Definitions for "Claim"
To ask for, or seek to obtain, by virtue of authority, right, or supposed right; to challenge as a right; to demand as due.
To assert; to maintain.
To be entitled to anything; to deduce a right or title; to have a claim.
something that is claimed; esp.: a tract of land staked out
The portion of mining ground held under the Federal and local laws by one claimant or association, by virtue of one location and record. Also called a "location."
Mining right that grants holder the exclusive right to search, within a given territory, for any mineral substance. May exclude peat, sand, clay, gravel, hydrocarbons, brine and stone used for industrial purposes.
One or more statements in a patent or application that precisely define the specific features of the invention for which patent protection is granted or sought.
a statement by the patent applicant describing the "heart" of the invention; subject matter protected by a patent.
The definition of the monopoly rights that the applicant is trying to obtain for the invention. The claims become the actual monopoly that is given when the patent is granted. A claim consists of a specification and one or more claims. Each claim defines a claimed invention by its periphery. A valid claim is one which reads on the invention described in the specification but does not read on any prior art.
An application for compensation.
This is what the WorkSafeBC calls your file for compensation.
Necessary procedures to be compensated for rework or replacement of case damaged by freight carrier.
A statement by declarer about how the remaining unplayed tricks will be won or lost. Normally the claiming player exposes their hand and describes the sequence of play for the remaining tricks and their disposition. This is usually done when the play of the rest of the hand is straightforward. See also concession.
Brief and memorable statement summarizing the corporate vision and mission; some kind of corporate slogan.
statement of intention to win or concede a certain number of tricks, suggesting that further play is unnecessary.
Cash windfall which many craigyhillians attempt to attain from the government usually by tripping on loose paving stones. Most craigyhillians usually use the money to 'Get a wee motor on the road'
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To proclaim.
Implicit Positive - An individual claims to be enrolled in the biometric system. Implicit Negative - An individual claims to not be previously enrolled in the biometric system. Explicit Positive - An individual claims to be enrolled and provides an identifier known by the biometric system (this identifier can be used to select the individual's biometric reference template for direct comparison in a verification attempt). Explicit Negative - An individual claims to not be previously enrolled in a system and claims to not have a system identifier. Genuine - An individual making a truthful claim on identity (either implicit or explicit). Impostor - An individual making a false positive claim on identity (either implicit or explicit). Defrauder - An individual making a false negative claim on identity (either implicit or explicit).
claim - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
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The process a depository library uses to inform GPO that an item number it has selected appeared on a shipping list, but the document was not received. Claims must be filed within 60 days of the receipt of a shipping list. Procedures for claiming documents are included in the Instructions to Depository Libraries Chapter 3, F.
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To claim your win you MUST click on the BINGO!!! button. You will be declared a winner if no-one else has claimed before you. To help ensure that you claim on time, a message will appear on the screen saying ‘You should click bingo now
A truth-evaluable content expressed by a sentence. That is, what the sentence says.
Complaint made by a customer, which can arise from a clerk’s mistake upon entering the wager, a grading error, a computer glitch, the customer’s own mistake, or combinations of these factors.
thesis or main point, especially in persuasive writing
An application for the legal recognition of the rights and interests held by Indigenous Australians over a particular area of land or waters, according to traditional laws and customs. Native title claimant applications are usually filed with the Federal Court of Australia. The Court ultimately decides whether native title exists or not by making a determination.
a matter that a person wants the court to decide.
Problem that may occur between the bettor and the house, some kind of misunderstanding.
Person who has sustained injury as the result of the negligence of other parties. In the event of a lawsuit, the claimant becomes the plaintiff.
The reporting of the event or series of events associated with a work or non-work related medical condition
The act of indicating how well one performed a trick with words or hand gestures (see OWN)
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The term used in match play to denote a protest by a player regarding a possible breach of the rules.
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a report of an incident that may be covered by the policy.
Dispute over a wager, a.k.a beef COVER - Win your bet with the spread
technically, this refers to funeral expenses, the debts of a deceased person, and expenses of administration.
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A loud call.
A document to commence civil proceedings which involves a dispute of fact and the taking of oral evidence.• Civil Courts
the verbal or print part of an ad that makes some claim of superiority for the product
Process and form used by retailers to obtain refund of advertising expenses. Also called "Proof of Performance"
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a written declaration of the amount of land held in the open fields, commons and wastes at the time of enclosure.
Indicate to DB2 that an object is being accessed. That object cannot be drained until a commit is reached.
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To purchase a horse in a claiming race.
A form with supporting receipts or information sent in for assessment.
A means of reporting, repairing, or tracking non-conforming material.
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The official notice of a person's claim against another
A charge by one person against another.
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A return completed by an organisation to show financial and non-financial information for a specific period. Also includes the claim for cash payable for the project
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See " Variation Application"
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To call or name.
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See Call.