Definitions for "Negligent misrepresentation"
Making a statement intended to be a fact without checking to ensure it is accurate
A misrepresentation made by a person without intention to mislead, but without taking reasonable care to ensure its accuracy. It is actionable in tort for negligence
A legal principle which provides that if in the ordinary course of business, a person seeks information or advice from a another who possesses special skills in circumstances in which a reasonable man would know that his special skills were being relied upon, and the person asked chooses to give the advice without clearly qualifying his answer so as to show that he does not accepts responsibility is it is incorrect then he accepts a legal duty to exercise such care as the circumstances require. If he is incorrect he may be liable for his negligent misrepresentation.
Occurs when a seller's broker conceals a defect in the property from the buyer or misrepresents the existence of a defect.