Definitions for "Misrepresentation"
Untrue representation; false or incorrect statement or account; -- usually unfavorable to the thing represented; as, a misrepresentation of a person's motives.
A written or verbal falsification of a material fact on documents an Insurance Company relies upon to write policy contract.
Generally, misstatement of facts made on an application for insurance. May also be misstatement of coverage made by an agent to an insured.
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The presentation of an entity as a person or organization that it is not. For example, a web site might pretend to be a furniture store when it is really just a site that takes credit-card payments but never sends any goods. Misrepresentation is one form of impersonation. See also spoofing.
A lie by one spouse before marriage that provides grounds for an annulment. For example, if a spouse failed to mention that he was still married or was incapable of having children, he has misrepresented himself.
The willful act of altering information in such a way that it diminishes or lessens the actual nature of the information presented.
In which the policyholder/applicant does not reveal any or all of their current and former health conditions.
A term most often used in relation to the Trade Practices Act or Fair Trading Act and which relates to a misrepresentation generally in relation to a product or services given by the supplier of the product or services. It is sometimes necessary to establish that the person receiving the misrepresentation relied on a misrepresentation in making their further decision in relation to the product or services.
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