Definitions for "Pretense"
The act of holding out, or offering, to others something false or feigned; presentation of what is deceptive or hypocritical; deception by showing what is unreal and concealing what is real; false show; simulation; as, pretense of illness; under pretense of patriotism; on pretense of revenging C├Žsar's death.
That which is pretended; false, deceptive, or hypocritical show, argument, or reason; pretext; feint.
Intention; design.
It began a running theme in Stargate, which was to compare humans to the show's major anatagonists, in such a way as to make the viewer either consider humans as evil, or else the antagonists not actually evil at all.
imaginative intellectual play
Keywords:  laid, assumption, laying, claim, act
The act of laying claim; the claim laid; assumption; pretension.