Definitions for "Murder"
The offense of killing a human being with malice prepense or aforethought, express or implied; intentional and unlawful homicide.
To kill with premediated malice; to kill (a human being) willfully, deliberately, and unlawfully. See Murder, n.
To mutilate, spoil, or deform, as if with malice or cruelty; to mangle; as, to murder the king's English.
a cinematic masterpiece that will keep you on the edge of your seat
a Masterpiece, and Dee Snider of Twisted Sister came to perform with my band
A two-card or a six-card high-low game with several twists.
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a first-rate film on every level
an extremely complex film that defeats easy definition
Murder is the name of a single by British group New Order. Released on the Factory Benelux imprint in 1984, it is an instrumental piece, but also contains samples from films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Caligula. The b-side is an instrumental version of the previous single by the group, "Thieves Like Us".
What evolutionists say is ok to do because it gets rid of competitors in a "survival of the fittest" world. [See Survival of the Fittest.
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an unsolved case that has stumped the Los Angeles police department
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a very unusual occurrence on a Starship
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ASL Browser
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something excellent or terrific. Ex. "That's solid murder, gate!"
a solid album, but it needs some tuning up
alter so as to make unrecognizable; "The tourists murdered the French language"
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eat, wolf down (mostly as in "I could murder a kebab/plate of chips")
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an infinite wrong
Keywords:  heavily, punish, lost, wasted, life
a life wasted, and we punish that heavily because of the value of what was lost
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To destroy; to put an end to.
a very unique form of expression in a way and people go about it in different ways and it's very exciting
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eliminate a good entity
P H U R D/ E R