Definitions for "Occurrence"
A coming or happening; as, the occurence of a railway collision.
Any event or incident; esp., one which happens without being designed or expected; as, an unusual occurrence, or the ordinary occurrences of life.
An accident, which may involve a single exposure or continuous or repeated exposures to substantially the same general harmful conditions.
the proportion of damage agent–affected stands or polygons within a higher-level sampling unit (e.g., inventory or growth type groups, or BEC zone subzones or variants).
Term used in the NatureServe CDC network to designate an area (point or map polygon) in which an element of biodiversity is, or was, present. An occurrence has a conservation value (rank) for this element. For species, the occurrence generally corresponds to the habitat occupied by a local population of the species in question. What constitutes an occurrence and the criteria used to assign the related element occurrence rank varies depending on the element of biodiversity under consideration. The occurrence may correspond to a single map polygon (line or observation point) or to a group of nearby polygons.
Remember not only the occurrence of double double consonants in this word, but that the suffix is -ence, not -ance. No reason, just the English language keeping us on our toes.
a subset of stars from the map that forms a (possibly) arbitrarily rotated and/or scaled copy of the stars in the constellation
Level: top-level An occurrence is a well-defined, distinct product or a usually rather short activity in time. It is characterized by its lack of fundamental change or evolution and is always part of a larger, more abstract project. The occurrence level corresponds with the artworks and activities that are usually archived and described by institutions as separate entities. Includes: occurred activity, occurred product
An information object or link object which contains content or other information on an abstract subject.
An entry in an array. If the number of occurrences is larger than the number of onscreen elements, then the array is a scrolling array.
A species geographical distribution, including both its natural range and any areas of successful colonization resulting from intentional introduction or invasiveness.
an instance of something occurring; "a disease of frequent occurrence"; "the occurrence (or presence) of life on other planets"
SEE: Instance and Row.
An instance of an application in the long-term plan or current plan. An application occurrence is one attempt to process that application. Occurrences are distinguished from one another by run date, input arrival time, and application ID. For example, an application that runs four times a day is said to have four occurrences per day.
a link to an information resource that is somehow relevant to the topic
a relationship between an information resource and a subject
a representation of a relationship between a subject and an information resource
The area where a particular mineral is found.
Existence or how a mineral is deposited.
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a group of three numbers, say ( t , d , p ), meaning that term with index t appears in document d at position p
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