Definitions for "Comprehensive Cover"
Provides the most 'comprehensive' form of cover available, it will include cover for damage to your vehicle and yourself in the event of accident.
This includes third party and third party fire and theft cover described above, as well as loss of or damage to your vehicle caused by accidental or malicious damage and generally includes some personal accident benefit in respect of personal injury to you or your death (please refer to your policy terms when received). Theft cover for the contents of your car is provided by most insurers but only to a specified amount and subject to policy terms. Details will be shown with your quotation. Audio equipment cover is provided by all insurers. Details of the amount of cover will be provided with your quotation.
Covers all related risks of that productâ€(tm)s insurance policy. It is also the most expensive form of policy. It covers damage to other peoples' cars, your own car, any liability, as well as losses incurred by fire and theft.