Definitions for "Automobile insurance"
A contractual relationship, which exists when an insurance company, for a premium, agrees to reimburse an insured or policyholder for vehicle-related losses.
Automobile insurance is a form of insurance protection that covers losses or damages due to accidents involving passenger cars, buses, motorcycles and other vehicles. The Japanese system is anchored by a compulsory liability coverage, but drivers can purchase supplemental auto insurance on their own. Enrollment in voluntary auto insurance is growing year by year, with about 70% consisting of liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage, and some 30% consisting of coverage for the insured's auto itself. Even so, premium revenue from voluntary auto insurance fell to about 3.64 trillion yen in fiscal 2002, down for a second straight fiscal year. The premium revenue decline reflects intensifying price competition in comprehensive auto coverage for businesses ever since a premium deregulation in 1998. Personal auto insurance is also showing a decline in growth amid a slump in new car sales. Moreover, policy adjustments for accident-free drivers are putting downward pressure on per-policy premium income.
A type of insurance that protects an insured from financial losses arising from the operation of a vehicle.
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