Definitions for "Vehicle"
That in or on which any person or thing is, or may be, carried, as a coach, carriage, wagon, cart, car, sleigh, bicycle, etc.; a means of conveyance; specifically, a means of conveyance upon land.
That which is used as the instrument of conveyance or communication; as, matter is the vehicle of energy.
Any liquid with which a pigment is applied, including whatever gum, wax, or glutinous or adhesive substance is combined with it.
Inanimate intermediary (e.g., food) in the indirect transmission of an agent which carries it from a reservoir to a susceptible host.
Objects such as food, water, biologic products (e.g., blood), and fomites (inanimate objects) that may indirectly transmit an infectious agent from a reservoir to a host.
any inanimate object (as a towel or money or clothing or dishes or books or toys etc.) that can transmit infectious agents from one person to another
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a necessity as cities tend to be spread out with residential areas set away from schools and shops
a necessity on the island, but if this is an issue, this resort is located in a part of the island where you can do without
a necessity to fully enjoy the area
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a dangerous weapon
a deadly weapon just the same as a firearm
a lethal weapon if it's not used responsibly," said state Rep
As used when referring to fluxes and solder paste, the ‘vehicle’ is a thermally stable material that acts as a high temperature solvent during wave soldering. Sometimes it is also a weak activator. Depending on its properties, it can inhibit or induce corrosion.
Substance(s) used to formulate active ingredients for administration or use (general term for solvents, suspending agents, etc.) Brown, 1988 RT excipient
That body which is carrier of a spirit. More frequently used in referring to ethereal body than to physical body.
a device by which any person or property may be propelled, moved, or drawn upon a highway, excepting a device moved exclusively by human power or used exclusively upon stationary rails or tracks
Every device in, upon, or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a highway, excepting devices moved by human power or used exclusively upon rails or tracks.
any vehicle or combination of vehicles handled as one unit, of not less than 35 feet in length, propelled or drawn by a single power unit. When the vehicle consists of a power unit and two or more trailers or containers, the combined length of the trailers or containers must not exceed 60 feet.
a major purchase and it is well worth your time to make a wise and educated choice
a major purchase therefore it is important to understand your auto and motorcycle loans
a major purchase therefore it is important to understand your auto loan interest
Industry term for a script that offers a potential star his or her breakthrough to stardom, as Clueless did for Alicia Silverstone.
a medium for the expression or achievement of something; "his editorials provided a vehicle for his political views"; "a congregation is a vehicle of group identity"
The carrying agent of coating materials. Medium.
A particular advertising medium, e.g., a particular magazine or station.
Français : VÉHICULE Deutsch : FAHRZEUG A Public transport vehicle used for carrying passengers.
a man-made item that humans use for transport
a must to get around on the island as public transportation is practically non-existent
As used in this manual, "vehicle" is used as a convenient abbreviation for the collection of all categories of motor vehicles and motor vehicle engines. Specifically, it includes cars, motorcycles, light-duty trucks, heavy-duty vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, and heavy-duty engines.
a car with specific characteristics
a motorized device that travels from point to point on wheels, tracks, water, etc
an item, that when we ride in it, it becomes the question of our lives
To ride in a vehicle while dreaming, foretells threatened loss, or illness. To be thrown from one, foretells hasty and unpleasant news. To see a broken one, signals failure in important affairs. To buy one, you will reinstate yourself in your former position. To sell one, denotes unfavorable change in affairs.
a lot easier to find than a person wandering through the bush
a lot easier to spot and track than a person or persons
an extension of a person- an exoskeleton that they wear, that means a lot to them
The host organism used for the replication or expression of a cloned gene or other sequence The term is little used and is often confused with vector. See vector.
an entity in which replicators (genes and memes) travel about, an entity whose attributes are affected by the replicators inside it, an entity which may be seen as a compound tool of replicator propagation
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a hybrid when it combines two or more sources of power
a hybrid when it combines two or more sources ofpower
a conglomeration of diverse contraptions and devices
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Vellum Paper Vellum/Parchment
a convenience that many people rely heavily on but many motorists are oblivious to the fact that with proper maintenance it will last longer
Vehicle is a Dutch post-rock band formed in 2003. The band has released 2 EPs since then. The band has played extensively in the Netherlands and has toured the United Kingdom.
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a big investment in today's market
a big-ticket item involving the exchange of thousands of dollars between people who don't know each other at all
a big-ticket purchase
the particular means within a media class or media subclass by which the advertiser's message is delivered to the target audience, i.e., a specific magazine, newspaper, or television program; e.g., Good Housekeeping, The Washington Post, or 60 Minutes. See media vehicle.
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a lemon if it
The form by means of which higher beings find expression on the lower planes. The physical, astral and mental bodies, for instance, form the vehicles of the soul on lower levels.
Any device for carrying or conveying persons and objects, including travel by land, water, or air. Types of vehicles include: boats, planes, recreational vehicles, and automobiles. See: Resources
Something used to carry people and things over land or in space.
a means of accomplishing or causing something to happen
a way to communicate or express oneself; something used to carry people or things.
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See under Metaphor
A nonliving source of pathogens, which are used to infect large numbers of individuals, for example, food and water.
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an SPV only if it meets all the criteria listed below
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a good example of polymorphism
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a 'premises' for purposes of this inquiry"
a parliamentary formation dedicated to supporting the government
a killing machine
a stand-alone, dynamic machine that consists of many subsystems and components
a political party whose success largely hinges on the popularity and public image of its leader, and may even be perceived as synonymous
a luxury, but you can get by without it
a must to get from one location to the next
a necessary to get to and from your respective schools with this company
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a nice object to find new problems
Keywords:  abstraction, concept
an abstraction, or concept
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a harsh environment
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A substance in which medicine is taken.
a liability on the balance sheet, and the dollar amount of its liability to you goes under the expenses of your income statement
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a matter of preference
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A thick-film term that refers to the organic system in the paste.
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Investment vehicle or savings vehicle: the type of account that may be used to save money.
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an asset in this position
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a person's private, personal property