Definitions for "Seeding"
The placement of contestants, by the Tournament Director of Committee, into Classes for tournament play. For sanctioned events, this placement should be based on their current NATSTATS average ringer percentage. (See GUIDELINE PART II, #1, Section A, 1.b for additional information and exceptions)
The placement of (normally) higher ranked players through one or two rounds. Promoters often seed players to protect them from an early exit.
False or "dummy" names are added to a mailing list as a way to check delivery and to uncover any unauthorized list usage.
Insoluble particles which may form over time in stored paint.
The undesirable formation of relatively large particles in a coating, due to agglomeration of the pigment or gelation of the vehicle.
Formation of small agglomerates or gel particles in a coating.
Deck Seeding - swimmers are called to report to the Clerk of the Course. After scratches are determined, the event is seeded. Pre Seeding - swimmers are arranged in heats according to submitted times, usually a day prior to the meet.
The method of arranging swimmers who have entered in an event according to their submitted time. Some organisers swim the fastest swimmers first and then work through to the slower submitted entry times. However most competitions are swum starting with the slowest entries and working up to the faster entries. The final heat is often swum in "spearhead" formation, with the fastest swimmers occupying the middle lanes.
The arrangement of the draw for footbag net events, so that the better players do not play against each other in early rounds.
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The initial capture of the Orgone force in our cell.
initiation of a cell culture by adding primary cells to fresh media.
The application of a relatively coarse, dry dust to a bag before startup to provide an initial filter cake for immediate high efficiency and to protect bags from blinding. (see Pre-coat)
Process in electroless copper deposition, where the sensitised board is dipped into an acidic solution of palladium chloride.
The process by which condensation nuclei are artificially released in the atmosphere to encourage precipitation.
The order in which the rally cars will start, determined by past rallies and times after each leg.
the ranking of competitors by skill level, and used to award start positions, awarding the most skilled competitors a favorable (early) start position and the less skilled a less favorable (later) start position.
Broadcasting decorative aggregates on the surface of freshly placed concrete or toppings.
a process of segregating runners on the basis of projected or estimated finish times PRIOR to the race.
The method or process of choosing a representative sample of data, populating or making global changes to a database.
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a way of rating the players