Definitions for "E-mail list"
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The Deseret Morning News has developed an e-mail service that delivers the top 10 stories each day to readers who have registered for the service. Advertisers have the opportunity to include an advertisement within the stories listed. There are currently more than 51,000 e-mails sent out monthly. See your sales representative for more information about this uniquely powerful marketing option. F - G
a convenient way for a group of people sharing common interests to communicate via e-mail
a database of e-mail addresses
a quick and cost-effective tool to reach a large audience
a wonderful way to make quick contact with your fellow chapters
a strange hybrid, a rhetorical cross-breed that shares characteristics of both conversation and correspondence, but doesn't follow the rules of either one
a group electronic discussion that takes place among members
a group of people interested in the same thing -- needlepoint, in our case
a group of people who are interested in the same thing who come together to share their stories, information, hopes and dreams