Definitions for "OPT-IN"
A user gives explicit permission for a company to use personal information for marketing purposes.
The process of agreeing to receive email from a business source. Double opt-in refers to a double-check procedure in which a decision to be included on a mailing list is confirmed.
Email marketing program used by websites that allows users in receiving information from webmasters (owner of websites).
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Some countries, among them Portugal or Danmark, decided that the public has to be protected against possible fraud connected with premium-rate numbers. In these countries premium rate numbers are allowed, but the potential user has first to contact his carrier ant to authorize him to open the access to premium-rate numbers. Naturally this is a very effective barrier and kills the national premium-rate market completely. A typical work-around is the use of international numbers.
each consumer is requred to agree to participate in the program before being included in the aggregation pool. The opt-in method does not require voter approval at election.
To purposefully accept some situation or condition ahead of time. An opt-in program implies that you can cancel, or "opt-out," when you no longer want the service, which makes it quite different than spam.
The option to include further activities and greenhouse gases in emissions trading at the national level, if sufficiently accurate data collection is ensured, the ecological integrity of the trading system is guaranteed and no distortion of competition results.
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To sign up for a service.