Definitions for "Distribution List"
Also known as a mailing list, is a collection of email addresses. You can use distribution lists to send an email message to several people at one time. The list can contain a few addresses, or many. All email systems provide ways to create, manage, and send to distribution lists, but the commands, options, and capacities vary on each system. Furthermore, lists housed on specific systems are unavailable for shared use on other systems.
If you need to send messages frequently to a fixed group of recipients, you can define a distribution list and use it when sending a message. You can define up to 6 distribution lists with up to 10 recipients each. The phone sends a text message to each recipient separately.
A list of two or more voicemail users to whom messages are sent simultaneously.
a convenient way of creating a similar shipment to more than one customer
a quick and convenient means of communicating with interested individuals
a contact group that is created and maintained by email administrators
a special contact
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a bridge that bind channels together