Definitions for "Listserv"
A popular software program used to set up and maintain mailing lists and discussion groups on a computer network over the Internet. A form of one-to-many communication using email.
An Internet application that automatically distributes e-mail to a distribution list of listserv members. Listservs may be moderated (that is, controlled by a listserv manager much like a magazine editor) or unmoderated (free from editorial constraints).
ListServ is a popular program for handling discussion groups where messages are sent and received by email.
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Software that allows one person to send to a group of people. There are at least three different versions of software: LISTSERV, majordomo, and MOO Multi-user object oriented virtual place on the Internet used for interaction with teams, groups, or classes.
an application unto itself and can be hosted at your organization's server
Stands for List Server
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a forum for important announcements and for posting the words of Meher Baba
a forum for sharing conversations and ideas with members of the Legal Marketing Association from around the world and is a benefit of your membership
a forum in which you don't have to go to the web site to ask a question or get an answer
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live cam LKM
live cam live chat
a communication tool that allows its members to ask questions, post feedback, and communicate with many people at one time
a cyber network of professionals providing a collegial and cooperative dialogue among its members
a great promotional tool to make announcements, run specials and give helpful information to your customer base and a simple way to keep in touch with your repeat and potentially repeat customers
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a convenient way to get information, says Banasik
a one-way mechanism designed to keep any interested individual updated regarding ATA's activities
a group of curious, committed educators who come together online to ask questions, share concerns, celebrate successes, and provide mutual support
a wonderful opportunity for all of us to "make our own news", and to receive news direct from others, without the "interpretation" of the media
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a kind of community mailbox
a registered trademark licensed to L-Soft international, Inc
a private list so a moderator will review your subscription
a service available through internet, a computerized network of networks that permits access to information from all over the world
a program that resides on a computer
a software program that allows
a software tool
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This term looks like it's missing an "e", but that's how it's spelled. A ...
an extremely practical and low-maintenance method of contact
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a place you don't HAVE to put up with them
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a name of an address-space on a computer