Definitions for "Ideas"
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Ideas is a long running high-brow radio documentary show on CBC Radio One. Premiering in 1965, it is currently hosted by Paul Kennedy and is on between 9:00 and 10:00 each weekday evening.
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There is no copyright in an idea alone, just the expression of it. However, see formats. See also Autodesk v. Dyason (No.2) (1993) 176 CLR 300.
a formulated thought, opinion, or concept that can be represented in visual or verbal form.
the species of representation which gives rise to metaphysical beliefs. Ideas are special concepts which arise out of our knowledge of the empirical world, yet seem to point beyond nature to some transcendent realm. The three most important metaphysical ideas are God, freedom and immortality.
concepts, philosophies, images or issues that provide the psychological stimulus to solve problems or adjust to the environment (242)
are according to Hume, fainter copies of impressions in imagination.
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The moves in Kenpo are taught to be no more than ideas which can vary with each changing situation.
Initiative to Develop Education through Astronomy and Space Science
A brand name of a software product
Every market offering includes a basic idea. Products & services are platforms for delivering some idea or benefit.
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To fix the ideas: To consider the only case I can do.