Definitions for "copyright"
The exclusive right to make and dispose of copies of a literary, musical, or artistic work.
The right of an author or his assignee, under statute, to print and publish his literary or artistic work, exclusively of all other persons. This right may be had in maps, charts, engravings, plays, and musical compositions, as well as in books.
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Computer software piracy on the Internet - Is a criminal prosecution appropriate and necessary in respect of copyright infringement? (essay by Tatiana Kouznetsova)
Did you know that the instant you create something, whether it is a poem, or a painting, or an essay, or a graphic for your web site, that you own the copyright? Did you know that just because it's on the web does NOT mean it is in the public domain? Discover more cool things about copyright in the US by visiting Myths About Copyright Explained.
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Copyright was a Canadian alternative rock band, active in the 1990s. The band was launched by vocalist Tom Anselmi and guitarist Christian Thorvaldson, former members of the shortlived and controversial punk rock band Slow, with new bassist Eric Marxsen and drummer Pete Bourne.
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CoreAudio CoreMIDI
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Tim Fonseca
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COTFL counter
The issue of who owns what on the internet is, unsurprisingly, a complex one. Like obscenity laws, copyright laws differ from country to country, making regulation on the internet difficult. The internet has also thrown up some new and effectively ungovernable ways of distributing copyrighted material.
The same on the web as in the real world; plagiarism is immoral, theft is illegal.
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a stimulating field and studying more about it can prove to be quite productive
This keyword defines the "copyright" attribute for the destination depot (media) being created/modified by swpackage. It refers to the copyright information that pertains to the software product.
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per procurationem - by proxy
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This remains with the Listowner at all times
You can copyright your screenplay or novel with the U.S. Copyrights office in Washington, D.C. Download the proper forms at their website: link on Links page.
That is what everything you are reading is. It is all copyrighted by the Seventh Order. Everything on the Seventh Order web pages are likewise copyrighted.
The franchisor produces manuals and other documentation to ensure the franchise system is uniform. These are the franchisor's documents and he/she has copyright over them.
A concept invented by lawyers as a hedge against unemployment.
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a form of property, and as such it can be inherited, given away, or sold
a form of property and can be sold, licensed or transferred
The official record of the things said and done at a conference or meeting. Usually available as a booklet containing the print versions of the papers delivered at a particular conference
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Copyright Notice
This keyword refers to a link to a copyright statement document.
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a statement of copyright for the asset
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a kind of property
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a 'check,' or insurance, for source codes
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no one else can claim it is theirs.
Refers to a copyright statement for the current document.
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To secure a copyright on.
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Copyright information about a document