Definitions for "revocation"
Keywords:  revoke, parole, recall, annuls, invalid
The act of recalling or terminating a previously granted power of attorney....
The act of calling back, or the state of being recalled; recall.
The act by which one, having the right, annuls an act done, a power or authority given, or a license, gift, or benefit conferred; repeal; reversal; as, the revocation of an edict, a power, a will, or a license.
Stopping the protection given to a patent because of e.g. lack of novelty.
Termination of the protection given to a patent on one or more grounds, e.g. lack of novelty.
Procedure to remove a trade mark, patent or registered design from the register. Royalty - payment to property owner by licensee based on unit quantity sold using owner's rights.
Revocation refers to an offender on supervision losing the privilege of remaining in the community and, as a result, being placed in prison or jail, because the offender has seriously violated the rules and conditions of supervision. to top
Removal of privileges granted to the licensee by the licensing jurisdiction.
Permanent removal of rights or privileges.
Undoing a Recognition of Parentage or a Husband's Non-paternity Statement within 60 days of it being signed; can be signed on a revocation form or on a piece of paper.
undoing something. In the case of a will, the testator making a will.
an unequivocal statement or action by the offeror showing that she is no longer willing to enter into the agreement, and which is communicated to the offeree
To repeal in part or in their entirety the provisions of a testamentary document such as a will or a trust so that it has no effect.
The term used when the subject of an extradition request consents to the jurisdiction of the requesting State. (See judicial-criminal)
The patient has the right to request hospice services to be stopped during any of the benefit periods and to be returned to coverage, for all services, under his/her regular insurance program, if the patient is still eligible.
The withdrawal of an offer to contract by one or both parties to the contract.
A procedure to remove a trade mark from the register.