Definitions for "Testamentary"
Keywords:  bequeathed, relating
Bequeathed by will; given by testament.
of or relating to a will or testament or bequeathed by a will or testament
At death, usually a directive that is triggered by the death of a donor via a will or trust document.
Of or by a will. For example, a "testamentary trust" is a trust created by a will.
a legal document that is utilized after the loss of life of a shareholder
An action taken through your will. A testamentary charitable gift, for example, is a gift to charity that is designated in your will.
to do with wills, for example, testamentary expenses - the expenses incurred by your executors to carry out your instructions in your will.
A legacy or devise of property to a trustee for the uses and purposes set forth in the will.
Done, appointed by, or founded on, a testament, or will; as, a testamentary guardian of a minor, who may be appointed by the will of a father to act in that capacity until the child becomes of age.
Keywords:  pertaining, letters
Of or pertaining to a will, or testament; as, letters testamentary.
Having to do with a will.