Definitions for "capacity"
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The power of receiving and holding ideas, knowledge, etc.; the comprehensiveness of the mind; the receptive faculty; capability of understanding or feeling.
Volume of product which a housing will accommodate expressed in gallons or similar units. Also amount which will filter at a given efficiency and low rate, expressed in gallons per minute or similar units.
Fluid flow measured in gpm, liters/min, M3/hr. etc.
The amount of insurance that an insurance company is able to assume on a particular risk.
The average amount of traffic that a circuit or circuit group can handle.
The largest amount of insurance an insurer or a reinsurer is willing and able to underwrite, including the amount they retain and the amounts for which they can automatically bind their reinsurers.
A company or economys ability to produce goods and services.
Ability; power pertaining to, or resulting from, the possession of strength, wealth, or talent; possibility of being or of doing.
In credit it refers to the borrower's ability to repay the loan, and is one of the five C's of credit analysis. In manufacturing, it refers to the ability to produce a certain volume of product.
Capacity of a compressor is the full rated volume of flow of gas compressed and delivered at certain set conditions.( 099)
The volume of the oven cavity measured in cubic feet.
(3) A measure of how much liquid or other pourable substance a container can hold.
The number of passengers a roller coaster train or car can hold.
(1) The largest number of passengers an aircraft can safely transport under a given set of circumstances. (2) The total number of aircraft handled by an airport under a given set of circumstances.
The capacity is the quantity of ore that can be mined and processed. In general, the capacity is a function of the deposit tonnage because the scales of the mine and mill are increased in proportion to the amount of ore reserves.
Legal or moral qualification, as of age, residence, character, etc., necessary for certain purposes, as for holding office, for marrying, for making contracts, wills, etc.; legal power or right; competency.
The resources (e.g., competent staff, appropriate data-collection systems, sufficient funding) to conduct an evaluation.
in the context of this program, refers to organizational competencies and the extent to which these are effective in realizing an articulated mandate. It refers in this context to competencies in financial management, governance practices, planning, marketing and organizational development policies. Capacity building is any undertaking that would expand, increase or develop an organization′s competencies.
The size of a bond a surety is able to cover. Collateral reduces the risk a surety company assumes when issuing a bond for high risk principals or unusual obligations. There are many forms in which collateral may be provided, including cashiers checks, certificates of deposit or irrevocable letters of credit.
A term that refers to the size of a bond that a surety is able to write.
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Resources available to do work. For example, the number of pieces of equipment available multiplied by the hours of staff time available to run it
The term used for all the resources available to an organisation, including people, money, equipment, expertise and information.
Availability of opportunities for literacy and numeracy learning.
In a revenue yield management context, capacity is a crucial aspect of the perishable good or service. The limited capacity available at a given point in time --say, airline seats on the first flight out of Minneapolis on Monday morning to Los Angeles -- is what prompts a revenue yield managers to carefully think through how to maximize revenue yield. With limited capacity, the revenue yield manager uses variable pricing policy to steer demand so as to even it out and maximize load factors across a fleet of airplanes. In the process, the goal is to maximize revenue yield. Load factor is an airline industry term that describes what percentage of the seats are filled on an airplace. Think of it as a "raw" efficiency measure -- one that is unadjusted for its impacts on revenue yield.
Limit of force or moment which may be applied to a member without causing yielding or rupture.
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Outward condition or circumstances; occupation; profession; character; position; as, to work in the capacity of a mason or a carpenter.
WCPSS policy calls for the school system to best use its facilities including addressing crowding (projected enrollment should be between 85% and 115% of approved campus capacity). New schools may operate with less than 85% of capacity enrolled if some grade levels will not be assigned during the first year or if significant growth is anticipated in the following years.
Potential spending by the public within the catchment area, with which to support existing and additional retail floorspace.
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Lenders will want to know if you can repay the mortgage debt you incur -- this is known as your capacity. Lenders will base their evaluation on employment information, how long you've worked, and how much you are paid. Lenders will also review your expenses and any other debt obligations you have. This means they'll want to know how many dependents you have and whether you pay any alimony or child support, for example.
The potential point at which learning ceases; set by the limits of the learner's intelligence and psychomotor functioning.
Any person who requests a medically assisted death must be mentally fit to make that decision and understand the consequences of it.  The ADTI Bill says "For the purposes of this Act, a person lacks capacity in relation to being assisted to die if at the material time he is unable to make a decision for himself in relation to that matter because of an impairment to, or a disturbance in the functioning of, the mind or brain resulting from any disability or disorder of the mind or brain."
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Length of the internal array in a data structure object, such as a StringBuffer object.
The highest possible transmission speed that can be achieved on a channel without affecting the quality of the signal.
The highest possible (reliable) transmission speed that can be carried on a channel, circuit or piece of equipment. Capacity may be expressed as raw speed or net throughput.
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tolerance for alcohol; "he had drunk beyond his capacity"
discard inadequate operate source witness
A CD usually has 650Mb organized into 335250 sectors of 2 kb each. This is equivalent to 74 minutes of high-quality sound. A CD can hold a minimum of 650 Mb but capacity depends on several factors such as rotation velocity or the pitch of the track. It is sometimes possible to record or copy more data that the nominal capacity (over writing) but some readers will have problems reading it.
The capacity of both natural and artificial persons determines whether they may make binding amendments to their rights, duties and obligations, such as getting married or merging, entering into contracts, making gifts, or writing a valid will.
The power of receiving or containing; extent of room or space; passive power; -- used in reference to physical things.
A proportion of the satellite's bandwidth and power which is used to establish one or more communication channel.
a specified function; "he was employed in the capacity of director"; "he should be retained in his present capacity at a higher salary"
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See the related term Faculty.
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Cash Surrender Value
The potential level of production at the plant over a period a time, given the assumed infrastructure.
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Criminal Law]. The mental state of being legally responsible for ones actions.
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See Bandwidth.
The rating system of equipment used to heat or cool substances.
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cash flow.
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SEE Rated Capacity