Definitions for "Availability"
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The situation wherein a system or equipment is in a condition which permits its operation to its full capacity or within prescribed parameters; expressed as either: the number or percentage of systems or equipment under discussion at a specific time, or the percentage of the number of hours the systems or equipment should be normally available for use during a stated period.
A numeric representation of the period of time that a transmission facility performs better than some minimum performance value, usually expressed as a percentage of time on an annual basis. Performance values are usually specified based on bit-error-rate (BER) thresholds for digital channels and weighted signal-to-noise ratio for analog channels. High-quality networks will have an availability of about 99.96% or better. The statistical distribution of outages and degraded performance depend upon the nature of the transmission media involved.
The condition in which deposited funds are available for use by the depositor. The time lag between the date of a deposit and the date it is credited to the collected balance.
The service that protects the individual from accidental or deliberate denial of access to information and other services. System redundancy is an example of the Availability security service.
The Property of being accessible and usable upon demand by an authorised entity. source: ITU-T X.800 domain: Performance usage
The extent to which information or processes are reasonably accessible and usable, upon demand, by an authorized entity, allowing authorized access to resources and timely performance of time-critical operations.
The availability of minorities or women for a job group means the percentage of minorities or women among persons in the relevant labor area and/or internal feeder pools having the requisite qualifications to perform the positions included in the job group. The term is broad enough to include any factor that is in fact relevant to determining the availability of individuals for the jobs in the job group. Availability figures are used in determining whether underutilization exists and, where a goal is established, in determining the level of the goal. In determining availability for a job group, a contractor must consider at least the two factors specified in 21 C.F.R Section 2.14 (c).
Descriptors for a minority of modules indicate availability only to certain specified students.
Statistical analysis that determines the percentage of underrepresented group members that might reasonably be expected in applicant pools.
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The current inventory of unsold seats, rooms, cabins, etc. back office Business activities, such as accounting, that generally take place out of the view of customers.
It is the term used to define if fares or seats are still obtainable on a particular flight. Availability changes often throughout the day as seats are purchased or cancelled.
Usually refers to seat or bed capacity or its availability for booking.
Whether a Jabber User or other Jabber Entity is available for communication; in Jabber technologies, this is usually synonymous with network availability. See also Availability Type.
An indicator of whether a Jabber User or other Jabber Entity is available for communication. See also Availability Type.
Gives current availability of an item. Good: This item is currently available. Low: This item has limited availability. Very Low: This item has very limited availability. There may only be 1 left. Call: This item may be currently unavailable. Call World Wide Art at 1-800-518-8453 for possible price and availablity. In-Stock: Item is available for immediate shipment.
The foundation for many Bellcore reliability criteria is an end-to-end two-way availability of objective of 99.98% for interoffice applications (0.02% unavailability or 105 minutes/year down time).  The objective for loop transport between the central office and the customer premises is 99.99%.  For interoffice transport the objective refers to a two-way broadband channel, e.g. SONET OC-N, over a 250-mile path.  For loop applications the objective refers to a two-way narrowband channel, e.g. DS0 or equivalent.
Keywords:  gps, ship, pdop, pulldown, hardcover's promise to customers about how quickly we can ship the title from our distribution centre. Also referred to as Delivery Promise.
Availability is an optional field. If you like, you can tell your customers how long it will take for an order to be shipped once it has been placed. Select the appropriate shipping estimate from the Availability pulldown menu.
The number of hours per day that particular location has sufficient satellites to make GPS position determination possible.
Available from PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) Foundation. 9221 Ward Parkway, Suite 400 Kansas City, MO 64114.(800) PKD-CURE. Fax (816) 931-8655. Email:[email protected] Website:
The prevention of the unauthorised withholding or unscheduled inaccessibility of information or resources.
Availability relates to information being available when required by the business process now and in the future. It also concerns the safeguarding of necessary resources and associated capabilities. , , , , , , ,, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,, Glossary of IT Terms Term Definition ackup Files, equipment, data and procedures available for use in the event of a failure or loss, if the originals are destroyed or out of service
Indicates the institutions from which a library resource can be obtained.
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Available for download now
Instant Download
The availability of a unit to an individual student, whether or not it is included in their programme of study, is subject to a number of constraints for example: staff availability, minimum and maximum group sizes, and timetabling factors. The inclusion of a unit in a programme of study does not necessarily mean that it will be available to all students on the programme. A unit can be available in a single semester (1 or 2) or across the whole year (indicated by "Academic Year" in the catalogues).
During a specified period, when a power station is scheduled to generate or to be in a planned shutdown, the amount of electricity actually produced is expressed as a fraction of the electricity that would have been produced if the station had run continuously at full power throughout that period.
The probability of attaining a specified level of performance and maintaining that level for a scheduled period of time.
See Adherence to Schedule.
a requirement so that the communications infrastructure and the network systems in place can receive and send information and data and enable electronic transactions in business. (p. 143)
The assurance that data transmissions, computer processing systems, and/or communications are not denied to those who are authorized to use them (JCS 1997). No Definitions
A cognitive heuristic in which a decision-maker relies upon knowledge that is readily available rather than examining other alternatives or procedures.
The amount of money a client has available to borrow, determined by the sum of collateral values less all ineligibles, multiplied by the agreed advance rate.
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The level of availability of the dataset may range from freely available (via website), available upon request, through to restricted. Availability may include charges and use restrictions where applicable.
These are the funds generated against invoice notifications and cash receipts, available to you for draw down. This is also known as entitlement.
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Describes whether a certain kind of fish of a certain size can be caught by a type of gear in an area.
Refers to the distribution of fish of different ages or sizes relative to that taken in the fishery.
Equals to opening pipeline at the beginning of a period plus commitments less cancellations/adjustments during that period.
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The availability refers to the subject's campus location.
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The number of days required to collect items before the customer has use of the funds.
Can you work the shoot days.
supplies information about the availability of a text, for example any restrictions on its use or distribution, its copyright status, etc.
Spot [advertising] positions available for sale by a station or network.
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Usually a list of the platforms a product is able to run on.
The difference between the outstanding debt and the remaining cash availability on the line of credit granted by the lender.
the number, types, range, and frequency of health and social services offered.
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The quality of being available; availableness.
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Whether or not the material is checked out.
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when deposited funds will be available for use
A measurement covering an agent who is available to handle the next call.
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Means that information is there when you need it.
the computers, networks and files are all working and available for use
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See Site availability
That which is available.