Definitions for "Retailer"
One who retails anything; as, a retailer of merchandise; a retailer of gossip; -- used also of businesses, including large corporations; as, Sears, Roebuck is one the the country's largest retailers.
Another term for travel agents who sell travel products directly to consumers.
a merchant such as a shopkeeper who sells to the final customer.
Français : Revendeur Deutsch : Verkaufstelle, Verkäufer
an entity that engages in the sale at retail price of Music Products
an entity who purchases power on behalf of end-use customers. This can be a marketer, broker, scheduling coordinator, buyer, or a UDC
An alternate term for a dealer or dealership in the automotive industry.
a company licensed by the Ontario Energy Board to retail electricity in the Province of Ontario
See Alternative Electric Supplier.
an outlet or store you go to buy your everyday shopping, electronics etc
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an Open-To-The-Public retail establishment