Definitions for "goods"
Products, or more specifically, products that economists feel satisfies a market need.
A category of personal property defined by Article 9 of the UCC. Sometimes called tangible goods. Further divided into consumer goods, equipment, farm products, and inventory.
Basic things, such as merchandise and personal property
Generic Term used in the diamond business to refer to rough and polished diamonds.
An expression sometimes used by diamond dealers meaning "diamonds".
Any moveable personal property.
Every species of personal property.
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Ribbon, Trim or Fabric
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Goods are any items for sale for purposes of business.
Those items used in the course of trade to which the trade mark is attached.
Physical items, as distinct from services.
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They deal in convenience goods.
Anything that anyone wants. All options or alternatives are goods.
Objects that can satisfy people's wants.
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See Good, n., 3.