Definitions for "supplier"
A company which supplies parts or services to another company. also called vendor.
Anyone who makes goods and/or services available for use on a project, usually at a price. [D03311] RMW Any organization, including contractor s and consultant s, that supplies services or goods to the customer. [D04538] APM
Those businesses that provide industry products like accommodations, transportation, car rentals, restaurants and attractions.
A generic term for wholesalers who sell to and supply retailers directly and indirectly, e.g., manufacturer, vendor, broker, reseller.
A company that generates electricity, or buys it from a generating company, and supplies it to customers.
A person or corporation, including municipal corporations, which provides electricity or related services to end-use customers.
A person, business or other entity who wishes to pursue procurement opportunities.
A participant in a reverse auction who is bidding on business from a buyer.
A business that has a contract with an aggregator to generate, broker or procure electricity to be supplied to Consumers' system. See Aggregator.
a person who receives money from a consumer transaction
Server containing the master copy of directory trees or subtrees that are replicated to consumer servers.
In replication, the server that holds the master copy of the naming context. It supplies updates from the master copy to the consumer server.
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A party that sells the commodity of natural gas.
A company with a Supplier’s Licence contracts with a shipper to buy gas which is then sold to consumers. A supplier may also be licensed as a shipper.
A party licensed by Ofgem to sell gas to end-users
The producer of a unit of travel merchandise, such as a carrier, hotel, sightseeing operator, or cultural organization.
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One who supplies.