Definitions for "EMC"
Electromagnetic compatability
The requirement for electromagnetic emissions and susceptibility dictated by the physical environment and regulatory governing bodies in whose jurisdiction a piece of equipment is operated.
Refers to the problem of a transmitter on a device causing interference to a receiver, or receivers on the same device (such as may be encountered on satellites, aircraft, or automotive vehicles).
Equilibrium Moisture Content. The EMC is the moisture content at which wood neither gains nor loses moisture when surrounded by air at a given relative humidity and temperature.
Equilibrium moisture content. EMC is the moisture content at which wood neither gains nor loses moisture from the surrounding atmosphere. Wood moistens or dries out in an attempt to achieve a balance with the surrounding conditions. The amount of moisture in wood is expressed as a percentage and is initially determined by how it is dried as lumber after it has been sawn from the log. A target EMC for wood that is prepared for interior use in North America is 6 – 9%.
Equilibrium moisture content. The moisture content of the product when it is in equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere is called the equal moisture content or hygroscopic equilibrium. Epigeal Plants in which the cotyledons appear above the surface of soil. Epicotyl The growing point of the embryo, which gives rise to the shoot, or the above ground part of the plant. Ergot 1. A disease of grasses and Cereals caused by the fungus Claviceps purpurea. 2. The Sclerotium of this fungus, which replaces the seeds of the host, and contains alkaloids which cause ergotism in animals and man.
is a private company that serves as the export agent for manufacturers, being paid by commission or retainer. Merchandise is not normally purchased by the EMC.
Export management company. provides (p. 122)
Export Management Company. A private firm that serves as the export department for several producers of goods or services, either by taking title or by soliciting and transacting export business on behalf of its clients in return for a commission, salary, or retainer plus commission.
EMMAUS MORAVIAN CEMETERY - There are three cemeteries currently associated with the Emmaus Moravian Church (where most of Andreas Giering's Pennsylvania descendents are burried). This one is listed in this Web Site as the EMC (for the current Emmaus Moravian Cemerery); grave plots in EMC are numbered from 210 to 654. See also EOMC - Emmaus Old Moravian Cemetery and God's Acre. It is located on the south side of Ridge Street and East of Keystone Avenue at the junction of those two streets.
MC is a hip hop crew comprised of rappers Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Punchline and Strick.
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siehe EMV
External Molded Craddle- consists of two pieces of premolded Hytrel by Dupont adding firmness and comfort to the heel area while reducing the weight.
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Editora Musical de Cuba
Encephalomyocarditis Virus
Electrical Multifunction Coiler
Energy Market Company. The company that operates and administers the wholesale electricity market.
EMC Corporation, makers of EMC 8550 Symmetrix DASD
Environmental Management Council (advisory group at the county level)
Environmental Management Commission. The governor appointed rule making body that adopts regulations for wetlands, ground and surface water and air quality.
Environmental Modeling Center
Exceptional Mitigating Circumstances, a cohort default rate appeal option for postsecondary institutions meeting certain criteria, including having a low-income student body.
Earnest money contract. A contract for the sale or purchase of real estate in which the purchaser is required to tender earnest money to evidence good faith in completing the contractual obligations. Almost every sales contract for real estate in Texas will be an earnest money contract.
Event Mean Concentration. A method for characterizing pollutant concentrations in a receiving water from a runoff event often chosen for its practicality. The value is determined by compositing (in proportion to flow rate) a set of samples, taken at various points in time during a runoff event, into a single sample for analysis.
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See ELECTRONIC MESSAGE CENTER. Also called electronic message signs.
Electronic Media Claim
Electronic Media Claims
Extended Market Coverage (also known as Total Market Coverage). Refers to distribution of an advertising piece to both subscribers and non-subscribers of the newspaper.