Definitions for "CUBA"
a country on the island of Cuba.
the largest island in the West Indies.
island under U.S. administration from 1899 to 1902, and for which overprinted U.S. stamps were issued.
CUBA is a small framework for the development of component-based systems which can be run as EJB applications, AXIS web services or stand-alone J2SE programs. The component and programming model is similar to EJB session beans.
a small OpenSource framework for the development of components which can be run as EJBs, AXIS WebServices, or in a stand-alone application
a quirky coming-of-age road movie that appeals to children and adults alike
a source country for children trafficked internally for the purposes of sexual exploitation and forced child labour
The high risk profile of a country's economic and political environment will further worsen further a generally very bad payment record.
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Cuban tobacco is acknowledged as among the finest in the world. Cuba's best tobacco growing area is in the Vuelta Abajo part of the Pinar del Rio region in western Cuba. In general, Cuban tobacco is strong and full bodied, with spicy and aromatic flavors. It is also renowned for its suppleness. Most factories of premium hand rolled cigars are located in or near Havana.
a land of soaring mountains covered with rainforests, gentle waterfalls, diamond-dust beaches, exotic flora, sugar cane fields, and citrus groves
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Cubano sandwich of pork tender, ham, swiss cheese, pickle, mustard, mayo, pressed and toasted bread
a multiracial society with a population of mainly Spanish and African origins
Cuba (pron. ) is a town and municipality in Portugal with a total area of 172.1 km² and a total population of 4,775 inhabitants.
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Vat. Upstanding large wooden storage container, sometimes made of concrete.
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Flat, suitable for dark roasts.
National Directorate of Statistics
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Cuba accounting glossary
College and University Business Administrators.