Definitions for "Embargo"
An edict or order of the government prohibiting the departure of ships of commerce from some or all of the ports within its dominions; a prohibition to sail.
To lay an embargo on and thus detain; to prohibit from leaving port; -- said of ships, also of commerce and goods.
A prohibition on the entry or egress of shipping into a port. Nowadays frequently used for prohibitions of certain categories of cargo such as munitions.
An order, usually from a police or government official, to delay broadcasting a story on a situation in progress. This can happen during a hostage situation if the media are at the scene collecting information or taking pictures. For the safety of hostages, bystanders and police officers, the media may be instructed to refrain from releasing the story until the situation is under control.
an agreement that someone who has news makes with the media where they'll give us information, but we have to agree not to release it until a certain date and time
a note at the top of the press release telling journalists not to leak or print the story before a particular deadline
a form of economic boycott barring trade with a particular nation
An economic boycott initiated and enforced by a government.
A type of economic sanction that totally disallows the imports of a specific product or all products from a specific country. Embargoes are typically placed in time of war.
Temporary action, generally by one country, to halt shipment of goods into or out of another country.
a complete halt to trading with a particular nation or in a particular product
a restriction on exports or imports with respect to the specific goods or ultimate destination of the shipment
a half-measure, a moral failure, and America's backpedaling will surely bolster the killers
A restriction on information until the company lodges the news with the Stock Exchange. This applies to price-sensitive information such as half yearly statements, preliminary final statements, etc
a time or date before which nothing can be published
The period during which the articles published in a periodical are not available in online full-text from a publisher, usually the most recent one to three years. Journal publishers have established such periods to prevent libraries from canceling print subscriptions. In most periodical databases, this restriction applies only to a small proportion of the titles indexed.
With reference to an online journal, an embargo is the period of time during which the publisher of the journal withholds the content from the distributor of the title. During the embargo period which typically lasts from six months to a year, the full-text is unavailable for online access and alternate forms of access must be explored.
A deliberate cutoff of supply, typically intended as a political statement.
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Seizure or retention.
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a first cousin via Spanish
A charge registered at the Land Registry office for any unpaid debts, for which a court order may be taken with the auctioning of the property to recover the debt.
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To delay use of a news item until date and time specified.