Definitions for "Press release"
Also referred to as a news release, this public relations tool is used to deliver information about a product, service or event to appropriate media.
An article submitted to the media for publication. Usually announcing news about a product, company, or individual.
see News Release.
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a company's formal opportunity to tell the world about all of the great things it has been doing
a fantastic way to let the world know about your new eBook
a good way to drum up some interest from potential customers looking to purchase the product
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An information sheet about a book and its author, used as a publicity tool.
a great tool for promoting your website, it is a well known fact and most Marketing and PR professionals agree with this fact
a key tool for public relations professionals
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a cheap thing anyway
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a train wreck by comparison
a document, a part of corporate history and companies need to give it due attention
a document that is r
a free, electronic document produced and published by IOMEDIA, Inc
a piece of art that requires creativity for its development
a short, clearly written description of the collection on one piece of paper and a short biography on another
A publicity mechanism, usually consisting of a single page of typewritten copy. p. 507
an essential component of your marketing campaign
a single page of information about your
a specifically formatted document that provides the press with the essential details concerning your event
an important ingredient to any marketing plan
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a simple statement about what you are doing at any given time
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a primary means of communicating